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Here is a section that hopefully answers a lot of queries you may have. I've tried to list as many questions that people have asked me in recent years, please don't hesitate to contact me if there is anything else you need to know.

Q, How much do you charge?

A, Pricing is subject to a number of factors including the type of event, timings, distance to travel, number of musicians required and the length of the performance. A 'guideline' wedding price can be found in the Packages section, but if you'd like to contact me for a tailored quote I will do my best to reply within 24 hours.

Q, Do you take a deposit?

A, I take a £50 deposit to secure the booking

Q, When would the final balance have to be paid by?

A, Im happy to leave that up to you, some like to pay before the event and some like to pay on the day itself.

Q, What would you need us to provide?

A, I would just need power for the equipment, one socket would be fine for just myself, but if there is more musicians (duo or trio) then I would recommend ensuring there is at least two plug sockets.

Q, Do you supply all PA and Lighting?

A, Yes, the Solo, Duo and trio are all self contained and we use only the highest quality equipment.

Q, Are you a full time professional musician?

A, All involved are full time professional musicians with lots of experience.

Q, Do you play at many weddings?

A, I play at many weddings each year.

Q, I've been told my venue has a noise limiter, is that a problem?

A, Not at all, I am able to accommodate by keeping the music under the 'cut off' threshold.

Q, Do you travel anywhere?

A, I travel nationwide but be aware that the extra travel time, expense and potential hotel bills may add to the overall cost.

Q, When will you arrive?

A, I usually arrive 1 hour before playing, it takes me 15 mins to set up but i like to leave enough time incase anything 'unexpected' happens. I am also happy to arrive earlier on request.

Q, Do you take song requests?

A, I am more than happy to accept song requests, I often keep them in my set so everyone wins!

Q, Can you supply background music inbetween sets?

A, If the venue doesn't have the facilities to play music in between then I can put some music on in between sets.

Q, Do you do a DJ set?

A, I do offer a 'DJ' service and I can happily stay until the end of the night and provide music for you from all genres and for all tastes. Although I'm not one for 'cheesy' DJ talking inbetween songs and you probably wouldn't be treated to such delights as oops upside your head or the macarena unfortunately! Also many couples arrange their own playlists on laptops/ipods with all their favourite songs on for their guests to enjoy. 

Q, Besides the obvious what are the differences between the Solo, Duo and Trio lineups?

A, The solo set is perfect for intimate weddings that require classy background music for your guests to enjoy, although I can 'liven' it up and raise the volume for evening performances it will never compete with the energy of a full band. The size of the venue should also be taken into consideration, obviously me ony own takes up hardly any space but the trio will take up more room. To get the energy and atmosphere of the band without sacrificing precious space, the duo is the perfect option for slightly smaller venues.

Q, How long do you normally play for?

A, Standard sets are 2 x 45 minutes. Other common variations are 2 x 1 hour's and 3 x 40 minutes.  I'm happy to work with you and decide what is best for the event.

Q, Do we choose the setlist?

A, It's entirely up to you, some couples like to choose a selection of songs from the set lists section while others have enough on their plates organising all sorts of things (i've been there!) and just leave it up to me to decide.  

Q, Does you have PAT and PLI certificates.

A, Yes and most wedding venues ask for these, i can either send them to you or straight to venue.

Q, What if i need to cancel a booking and is there a cancellation fee?

A, I take a minimum £50 'non refundable' deposit to keep the date free for you, but there is no cancellation fee.

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