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  • Darren Jones

The Trio Perform at 50th Birthday Party. Spanhoe Airfield

Updated: Dec 17, 2019

This one was an outing for our Trio lineup at RAF Spanhoe. The event was a 50th birthday party. What a great little place! Never seen so many little planes in one place!

The gig itself was in one of the aircraft hangars on site and although it was late May it was a bit nippy in there!! Played in our coats! The room looked amazing, obviously a lot of time and effort had gone into turning it from an empty tin shell into a proper venue for the evening.

The guests had done a kind of 'bake off' challenge and if they wished they could bring their own cake. I ate so much I could hardly move!! There was also a bar.....that was free! So there was some extremely tipsy people by the end of the night!

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