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  • Darren Jones

The Trio Perform At A 'Wet' Wedding In Luddington

Our three piece lineup played at this one. Darren, Warren and Ben. The wedding was based on the father of the brides farm!! They has a phenomenal marquee set up, complete with a fancy stage for us! As it was practically in the middle of nowhere so there was also no neighbors to worry about in regards to noise or a finishing time.

Only drawback was the great British weather!! It absolutely hammered it down! Was hard work carrying heavy equipment in, whilst trying not to slip in the mud!! Luckily some guests at the wedding extremely kindly took pity on us and helped us in with the gear!

I also heard someone mention there was a few Spanish people in the room, they were convinced to come up on stage and give us a few choruses of La Bamba!! Turned out to be a belter of a night this one!

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