• Darren Jones

Church Wedding At Ingleby Barwick With Reception in Great Ayton

Two separate venues for today's wedding. I arrived first at St Therese Church in Ingleby Barwick, this was a huge relatively new built church. I was asked to play as the bride walked down the aisle, a major part of somebody's big day so I always feel honored when i'm asked to do this. I also played during the signing of the register and as the newly weds and wedding party left the church. http://stthereseingleby.org.uk/

After service I raced to the next venue which was about 15 minutes away in Great Ayton. A place called Whinstone View. The weather for the day was brilliant considering it was late September and I managed to get set up outside by the time the wedding party arrived from the church. I played an hour set while the bride and groom had pictures taken and their guests enjoyed drinks and canapaes http://www.whinstoneview.com/

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