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  • Darren Jones

Acoustic Wedding Musician For The Tricky 'After Dinner Gap' Selby Bowling Club

Updated: Dec 17, 2019

My first time up in Selby, today's wedding took place at Selby bowling club. Not you're typical 'converted barn on a farm' or country house style reception but it just shows that you can make any venue whatever you want it to be! Oh, and at a hugely discounted rate!!

For this one I played during the section after the meal and evening guests were arriving. An acoustic musician fills this space well as it isn't too loud as evening guests are coming into the venue, There isnt really a need to have a full disco starting from 7:00pm.

I played up to and including the first dance which was an acoustic version of Ray Lamontagne's 'You are the best thing' and then the DJ took over from there.

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